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Has anyone had a problem with Quick-bleed brake fitting leaking?

I put those Quick-bleed fittings to replace the normal bleeder screws on my rear (drum) wheels. Now I’m noticing some leakage. Is this due to the new bleeder screws? Or just a coincidence?

There should be no brake fluid leakage from any type of bleeder. If there is, replace the bleeder.


Where is it leaking from? What brand of quick bleeder screws did you use?

I like Speedbleeders - they come with a thread locker compound that stops fluid from leaking past the screw threads.

But if you can determine where the leak is coming from, we can help you figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it.

Same here. My speed bleeders work flawlessly.

The bleeder screws butt right up against the shock brackets, so to observe the rear brake bleeder screws on my 4x4 truck requires me to go through some gyrations. I haven’t looked at it closely enough to see if the leak is from the screw or somewhere else. All I know is that brake fluid is leaking from that wheel cylinder. I’m assuming is all that it is from the screw, as the leak started within a week after replacing the screw. And it hadn’t leaked in 10 years prior. But it could be a coincidence.

I was thinking that because the quick bleed screws have to have more stuff inside of them, the walls might be thinner, and more apt to deform and leak. The brand I used wasn’t Speedbleeders, at least I don’t think that is what it was. I got them at an ORieley’s as I recall, I think it was an ORiely brand. In any event, they didn’t come with any thread lock compound. If I find the leak is getting past the threads of the bleeder screw, I’ll buy some Loctite TLC and try that. Thanks to all for good comments.

Assuming they’re built at all like Speed Bleeders, all the extra stuff is in a specially-shaped chamber. The walls aren’t any thinner.