Harvey, my white Rabbit

Harvey turned 25 this year. He needs a new carburetor. The problem is that he is apparently a Canadian transplant. I am told I need a Carter Weber carburetor for a Canadian model VW Rabbit. Normal sources and beyond have so far been unsuccessful. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

I have no ideas on a Canadian Rabbit but I’m surprised they were still using a carburetor in the mid 80s. The U.S. Rabbits last used carbs in 1976.

Carburetors very seldom ever get to the point where they have to be junked. Why can’t this carburetor be rebuilt if necessary?
Surely someone has a carburetor kit for it.

Lastly, what is the car doing or not doing that leads to the diagnosis of a junk carburetor?
I ask this because there are a few things that can mimic a carburetor problem.

As a last resort, one could go this route if a carb is needed.

I had a instructor tell me “most carburetor problems lie in the ignition system” time has proved him correct.

Thanks for the information.

there’s a good vw parts supplier in NY,called Rapid Parts,they should be able to hook you up.there is also a big one in Canada called Ron’s Parts(both places are mostly performance parts,but they sell regular stuff,too)
some other good vw parts places to check-Techtonics Tuning,Autotech(both on the west coast of US)

Thanks I will try those out.

I cannot help you concerning the carb. but it is clever that your rabbit is named Harvey. I remember watching the movie about Harvey the invisible whit rabbit in my youth. I believe it starred Jimmy Stewart. Am I correct?

Ditto. Some of the old Rabbits would get some age and miles on them and the distributor shafts were prone to wear and wobble. This would lead to broken fiber blocks on the contact point models, broken reluctors on elec. ign. ones, cracked caps/rotors, etc.

Yes you are correct. I am thinking of getting him a customized plate for his birthday!!

Thanks. I will pass this on to my mechanic.

Cute!!! The only time I actually named a car was when I christened my white VW bug (the original model) “Blanche”… There were so many, back in the day, that “Bug” just didn’t cut it. Otherwise, “Swift” (Suzuki) and “Yaris” (Toyota) have sufficed.

What do you call your car? Good topic for a thread.

My family has been naming its cars since my parents bought their first one over here in the States in the early '50’s. The first one was “Popocatepetl” because it was always ready to explode. Then they shipped a little blue car back to U.K. in 1954 called “Alice.” Its number plate was SKB 369. (I have no idea why I remember that since that was eons ago when the Dead Sea was merely sick.) I had a green Peugot I named “Leaping Pierre,” a black VW Golf called “Warlock,” a deep electric blue VW Golf called “Gitane,” a champagne VW Rabbit called (terribly boring) “Bunny” and now “Harvey.”