1995 mercury marquis.

This car sat for about 1 month in a enclosed shed. The steering is tight, and before we parked it the sterring seemed fine.

We replaced the pitman arm and that did not correct the problem.

There is a half-inch play which is very loose and then gets very tight again.

In fact, the front end seems very tight.

When we checked the front end because of the tightness we found that the pitman arm was loose so we replaced it.

There is no noise coming from the power steering pump and the fluid is fine.

Any help or suggestions as to what it may be?


Did you make sure the tires were properly inflated?


yes tires are properly inflated. can a steering pump /or gear box go bad from sitting.


Check the complete front suspension.

Are there any ball joints or other pivot points that need grease? Perhaps one or two have dried up.


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What condition is the steering rack in?