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Hard starting

I have a 1986 Dodge pu 318 auto 3speed 4 wheel drive. Factory rebult carb and new fuel pump. My problem is i have to pump the accelerator upwards of
50 times before it starts. Why am i loosing gas in the carb? Runs great after it starts.

Electric or mechanical fuel pump?

If electric, try turning the key to ON for a bit before trying to start it. That’ll fill the fuel lines and float bowl.

If it’s mechanical, you’re going to have to get that carb looked at again, and perhaps the fuel pump check valve. The needle valve and the check valve should prevent the bowl from draining back into the tank.

Does you carb use an accelerator pump? If so, that’s something to check. Those gadgets have neoprene diaphrams in them that will eventually degrade, leak, and stop working. Then you won’t get that extra spurt of gas needed to start the engine on cold starts. Look carefully, and you might also see a small leak from the accel pump, another indication it needs to be replaced.

+1 for George. It sounds like a defective accelerator pump. You can pick up a carburetor kit for about $40 at Autozone for your truck.