Fuel problem 1979 Toyota Corona

I have to pump the accelerator pedal 20-30 times to get my car to start. Is the fuel pump the problem? The fuel line has never been replaced.

When was the last time the carb was rebuilt or replaced? This car is a bit on the old side and any details on service already done are important to know to give you a better answer.

You may have a leaky carburetor if you have to crank it while pumping the gas to get it to work. If you pump it thirty times and then crank it, you may have a low float bowl level. You could have an ignition problem instead. You could have burnt valves. You can get a newer car too.

Remove the top of the air cleaner housing after depressing the accelerator pedal one time; after sitting all day, engine cold, etc.

The choke flap in the top of the carburetor should be completely closed. If not, it’s sticking open and a little aerosol carb cleaner should clear this right up. It’s not big deal at all.

My dad owned one of these…until a drunk drive ran a red light. His was a wagon.

It sounds like the float-bowl is leaking down. Time to get the carb rebuilt. Hopefully you can find a carb reuild kit. Don’t forget the float. Some kits don’t come with a new float.

Thank you. I think you’re solving my problem.

And don’t forget the lime!

Ha ha…sorry…had to…