Hard start after car sits

I have a 2008 Suzuki Swift. Engine cranks long before starting up at first. Once is starts it runs great. Once it starts up I can shut it off and start it right back up no issues. No check engine light. The key dance helps, also if I just give it the slightest touch on the gas pedal it helps (with key dance). I have a fuel pressure gauge hooked up. Pressure is within spec. Stays up once I get the engine to normal temp. Drops to 0 overnight or after a few hours. I have replaced the fuel pump just this morning. Replaced crank sensor, cam sensor, and coolant temp, injectors, purge valve, throttle position sensor. When I turn the key and the pump primes I get 40psi pressure. Still long crank. Idk where else to turn. I found quite a few threads with this issue but haven’t found any that found a solution.

Are you overseas? I have owned several Geo Metros over the years and the Swift/Cultus is the car that these were based off of.

There are TWO things I would check, both in the throttle body area.

  1. These were a throttle body deal with one injector on the Geo Metro and similar. Some of the newer ones were more advanced but I never messed with those. The injector can stick open and leak down. This causes a no fuel pressure issue as well as can flood the engine with raw gasoline.

  2. There is a fuel pressure regulator up on the throttle body. These get nasty and old and can start to leak down as well.

You might throw a can of fuel injector cleaner in the tank as an easy first step and see what happens from there.


That would suggest a problem with the throttle control not opening to allow enough air into the engine. Electronic throttle body or intake air control valve.

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I cleaned the throttle body, and I’ve replaced all injectors.

Also when I turn the key to the on position I observed the throttle body move to the close position to startup if that’s relevant

Once it starts for the first time I can drive around. Park it for a few mins. Start right back up normal. Until it site for about 2 hours

My guesses

  • one or more of your fuel injectors are faulty & leaking gasoline into cylinders when engine is turned off. Causes overly rich mixture, big problem during warm starts. Not a problem on cold starts, rich mixture helps on cold starts. Opening throttle valve slightly during warm cranking allows more air into engine and leans mixture out, which helps.

If this is the case the fuel rail pressure should drop more quickly than spec after engine shuts off.

  • faulty evap system purge valve, leaking gasoline vapors into intake manifold when engine off.

If this is the problem, might notice engine is hard to start immediately after re-fueling too.

(diyer, never seen an 08 Swift)

My problem is cold start. It starts perfectly when warm

Sorry, misinterpreted your post. If car is driven for an hour at freeway speed, engine totally warmed up, then you park, turn off engine and let it sit for 30 minutes, does it start ok then?

The longer it sits the harder the start. I will check tomorrow but after about a half hour it’s not as hard a start but it’s not normal.

Were you able to narrow down what your issue was? I’m having the same issue like yours, but mine is ZC53S.

I presume a ZC53S is also a Suzuki Swift. & you are having the same problem, cranks-but-won’t-start (or needs a lot of cranking to start) when engine is cold? I presume all the basic tune up work is done, spark plugs, engine air filter, oil and oil filter change, fuel filter (if due), and the check engine light is not on and there are no diagnostic codes present. If not, address that first.

Then if problem continues, suggest to ask your shop to

  • measure fuel rail pressure
  • are injectors being pulsed during cranking? (noid light test)
  • are there sparks at the spark plug tips during cranking? (visible spark test)
  • does engine compression measure ok on each cylinder?
  • does throttle valve open when pressing gas pedal?
  • any signs of exhaust restriction?
  • any signs of exhaust leak?