Handicapped van checkover


I am a paraplegic, who is a resident of Charlotte, NC. I am interested in buying a fully converted van for handicapped use. This used van is in Villa Park, Il. The address where the van is:

155 E. North Ave. Villa Park, Il. 60181. Can you please recommend a vehicle service company where I can take the van to have it checked for mechanical soundness (not the conversion, but brakes, motor, fuel lines, etc.).

Thank you.

Here’s the contact information for Mecum Collector Car Auctioneers. Call them and explain the situation. They are located in IL and maybe they will recommend someone. Marengo and Villa Park are 50 miles apart.



I sent them an email.

I have a friend with Cerebral Palsy, he had a totally equipped van and it worked well until one day after service the seat had been moved back, he could not work the brakes and hit a phone pole. Check the seat position after any service?