Hand Sanatizer left in your car can make your car burn

Getting scared about hand sanitizer being left in a car. One guy at the golf course to a bud, don’t leave your hand sanatizer on the dash. Snopes says https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/hand-sanitizer-explodes-hot-car/

I put Snopes in the same class as the NYT and WaPo but I’ve had a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car since H1N1 so about ten years. It is usually either on the seat next to me in these current times for easy access after I touch anything, or in my go bag. I don’t keep it on the dash or in direct sunlight. It is a high percentage of alcohol though so let it dry before smoking and treat it the same way as a bottle of vodka I guess. Hey if the car goes up in smoke, that’s what insurance is for. Not gonna happen in the garage anyway.

Now I also carry a small bottle in my pants pocket and have for years. I have been pretty much alone in using it after shaking everyone’s hand at church. Also before eating at restaurants and have again for years after the big scare. Now I never had a fire in my pocket but I have had the cover come loose sanitizing my lower extremities. There is always a risk to safety.

So do I. Reliable sources with substantial pedigree.
How many other news sources have a John Phillip Sousa march named after them?
Back on topic, depends on the climate and season whether one should store heat sensitive materials in the car.


As Barky would say “Shirley you jest”. :rofl:

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Uh, @bing, you and Snopes agree that hand sanitizer will not spontaneously combust in a car. Maybe they should think twice before they agree with you.


Yeah even a broken clock is right twice a day. But I didn’t say I didn’t agree, just that I don’t hold them in high regard as a fact checker.

Looks like a window switch fire that was subject to a recall;

The Power Window Master Switch in the Phase 2 vehicles may have been manufactured with insufficient lubricant grease. If sufficient grease is not applied, under certain conditions the switch may develop a short circuit that can cause the switch assembly to overheat and melt. A melting switch can produce smoke and potentially lead to a fire.
Toyota previously recalled certain 2007 – 2009 model year vehicles for a similar condition. This Safety Recall adds vehicles not previously involved in the prior action that utilized an alternative lubricant application method.

I find them both hard and non absorbent and bad for the septic system. Better to pay good money for Charmin, or even Scott. However, the NYT and a vinegar solution does a great job on glass windows.

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When in stock however. I’m glad someone has a sense of humor around here anyway.

I agree. When people are worrying about hand sanitizer exploding and burning up their car it definitely time for a sense of humor.