Hallwy Passes for Auto Tech Students

I love my Car Talk page a day calander that I get evry year, and I keep it on my desk in my classroom. I am an Auto Tech teacher at Polytech High School in Woodside, DE, so I am as warped as you two. Could I interest you guys in producing Car Talk note pads to use as hall passes so the kids stop taking my calander pages to use as passes and making me miss the weekly puzzlers?

Xerox machine.

Tom and Ray don’t usually read or respond in this forum. The best way to contact them is at http://www.cartalk.com/ct/3500.jsp

Many great automotive professionals come from Polyester High School. I know some good ones from Prince Pyrotechnical in Hartford Ct. I was not one of the good ones. I’m only known for playing Chess. Bobby Fish Head?

Perhaps there is someone at your school who is charged with supplying you with hallway passes.

Since calendar pages seem to be acceptable, why not give postit notes a try?


Thanks for the replies. Hall passes are a sore spot at our otherwise well run and efficient school. Students are issued a pass book at the beginning of the year, which, as you might expect, promptly gets lost. So notes are written on paper, or oil filter box tops, or napkins, or pages form my car talk calendar. The kids seem particularly fond of these, even more so than when I used to get Dilbert page a day calendars (the humor was too high brow for them). Besides, any administrator or teacher checking the pass clearly knows that the student(s) are on a mission from Auto Tech when they see the Car Talk page. A car talk notepad would be ideal for such occasions (although to be fair, they also know a kid is from Auto Tech when the pass is a cardboard square that says “Wix 31387” on the back side).

a. Why are the STUDENTS issued passbooks?

b. Why is there no penalty for losing said passbooks?

c. Why don’t you try having them navigate the halls without passes? That would be a valuable life lesson. If they get caught you can back them up.

A: Because someone thought that it would be a great idea. That person turned out to be mistaken.

B: I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

C: Teachers are not permitted to release students without issuing a pass (unless an Administrator has come to escort the student, which only happens when they are in trouble).

As an aside, the pass book in my opinion is easy to forge. All you need to do is write the destination desired, the time of departure, and a scribble (there is no room for a real signature). My passes list the date, where they come from, where they are going, when they left, when they are expected back, and who (myself) did the sending. In addition, it has my name, extension number, and signature.

I was starting to think the students wrote this thread trying to get free note pads, now I see it is the instructor writing to us.

I just had to wipe off the computer screen as I sprayed a mouthful of tea on it after reading your response! That cracked me up! I also intend to buy them, not get them for free!

Or you could really splurge and buy TWO calendars…

I also like the ‘box tops’ idea.
For an abundant supply contact local shops and dealers to give you…donate… their ‘trash’.

There are, I presume copyright issues for using the term Cartalk, but otherwise any good print shop should be able to make something like you want, from your design, at a modest cost. There are plenty of public domain graphics of cars, and add text as you wish.

Or, spoof it as CarStalk? Heh, heh.