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Hail damage

Bozeman, MT suffered a golf-ball sized hail storm and my car got minor “dings” in it. A representative of Quick-Way Dent Technology, Inc. suggested repairing them. There is no local Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce – how do I know if they are reputable? I’m visiting Bozeman from Alabama

Why not wait until you get home?

Your insurance company normally has some say in the matter. I would check with them if that shop is reputable. A poor repair job with hail damage is worse than no repair.

Where we live we have had 7 hail storms this year so far. The car dealers don’t bother fixing the hail damage (hard to do and expensive); they just fix broken windows and they knock $4000-$7000 off the price depending on the car and damage.

A friend’s car is in an insurance approved shop now, and the fix is difficult and expensive. His car is one year old Sonata, so it’s worthwhile. Another friend has a Mazda Protege and the insurance just wrote if off. My friend kept his nicely dimpled car after taking the money.

I would not get the damage fixed until I returned home. Reason is that there are times whent the dentless technology does not completely work and a return to the shop for more work may be required. One of my cars has undergone the dentless repairs at insurance co expense, and after about six months some of the dents showed back up. In my case, I am letting it go because the car is 9 yrs old. If it were a younger car, I would be returning for more work under the guarantee provided. Hard to do that return if you had the work done in Montana and live in Alabama…

File your claim with your insurance company while you are still in Montana so that it’s on record, and wait until you get back home to Alabama to get it worked on.

Myth Busters proved that a car with a golf-ball like shape to it gets better highway gas mileage than one with perfect body panels. :wink:


Usually those Dent Company’s are portable. The reason is the major work is not often enough to make a great business model in a single location.

They basically travel to where the work is and perform it that way. These company’s did an excellent job when a rare hail storm came around where I live.

Wait until you get home to repair but file the claim now. If the nomadic dent popper cracks your paint and you dont notice until they or you depart you will not have much recourse.

What insurance company?? I have never had comprehensive insurance in my life. We are talking cosmetic damage, battle scars, one of Mother Natures little gifts to mankind…You pay your money and you take your chances…They are ALL going through the shredder sooner or later…

Its great that you’ve never had or needed comprehensive coverage in your life.
Since that works for you, you keep on doing that.

I, however, have needed to file a claim on my car when the plastic convertible window was destroyed by hail in June, which needed to have the whole top replaced.

My friend had his brand new motorcycle sitting outside at work during the same hail storm, and every plastic panel was destroyed, the headlights, tail lights and instruments were obliterated, and the gas tank was reshaped into something the astronauts saw when they were orbiting the moon.

Because of his comprehensive coverage, he got a new motorcycle.
Without it, he would have lost his brand new bike, as the damages came out to $12k on his $14k bike.


Caddy…you are such a deep thinker (:

But I’m smart enough not to leave expensive toys out in hail-storms…All that money you spend on insurance I spend on Women and fine Whiskey …We each have to follow our own path…