Had car jacked one wheel for a month now thumping sound opposite side wheel

Had car jacked one wheel for a month (timing belt change)now has intermittent thumping sound opposite wheel(driver’s)at any speed. suspect cv joint. drove 50 mph today and wheel (driver’s) wobbled. Lugs tight. thought wheel would fall off!

rotate tire on the side you hear the noise. if the noise follows the tire, then you know the tire is the problem.


It’s quite possible that the tire is flat spotted, Sitting for a month can do that.


the tire is damaged. might be a flat spot,as there’s no bump on the side or a belt issue. had it balanced and it didn’t help with the intermittent thump but did help with the wobble. put it in the back,where I can now hear a slight intermittent thump. next time,I’ll order the parts first and do the timing belt/water pump in two days,like the first time. thanks guys.

You lifted one tire 2” off ground and this minor weight shift screwed opposite tire?

About a foot or higher… enough to get the leaky water pump & timing belt componets off. Might be a bent rim. It’s the one wheel,for sure. The wheel’s in the back and barely noticeable,now.