H Rated 14" Winter Tires for a '94 Camry

The spec on my '94 Camry says it requires H Rated tires. I’m not finding H Rated 14" inch tires. My college student daughter will be driving the car in Vermont next winter. I’ve just found Q Rated 14" tires. There are H Rated winter tires starting at 15". I welcome suggestions. Thanks

R-rated or even T-rated tires will do fine and are adequate to install as long as they load requirements. I suggest Michelin X-Ice, worth every penny hopefully in your size, excellent tires. They feel on par with decent all-seasons on dry/wet days in the winter and incredible in winter conditions like ice, snow, slush etc.

The specs for my car call for H-rated tires. However, in the winter I use Q-rated Michelin X-Ice tires, and have never had any kind of problem, even after driving many hours at expressway speeds. The 99 mph rating of Q-rated tires is more than sufficient for any type of sane driving.

As AndrewJ stated, the Michelin X-Ice is an incredible tire. Besides outstanding ability to both go and to stop on snow and ice, it handles very well on dry roads and is not subject to hydroplaning on wet roads. This tire also has considerably longer tread wear than its competitors, making it a very good value.

Thanks for the responses andrew j and VDCdriver. The only option in a 14" snow tire seems to be the Q Rated Firestone Winterforce. At least that’s an option.

While I personally would not want Firestone tires, if that is your only brand choice, then I guess that this is your only option.

Are you sure that no other brands of winter tire are available in that size? Have you checked www.tirerack.com? Even if you don’t buy from them, their site is an incredible source of information regarding tires and could guide you to additional brands of tire.

Edited to add:
I checked the tire rack website, and surprise, surprise–your winter tire options for that car are the Firestone Winterforce or the Firestone Winterforce. Since there appears to be no other company making winter tires in that size, then this is your only choice, but at least the consumer reviews of that tire are very positive.