Guide says PH4386 oil filter. 2009 Camry Hybrid had PH4967. Bad?

Changed friend’s 2009 Camry Hybrid oil and oil filter andiscovered different filter on the vehicle.
Both are same size and look identical.
Engine damage?
Thank you.

If it fit and the car lived through running that filter, they were similar enough to work and damage was not likely done.

EDIT: when comparing the filter specs on Fram’s website, the two part numbers are virtually identical, except the “wrong” one is a little taller. Some people may say that unless clearance is an issue, using the “wrong” one may have some benefits due to the additional filter media. I think it’s a wash, though, and either one will work. I would try to go with the correct one, though, to avoid warranty hassles in the event something may happen.

I’ve seen many times where manufactures change oil filter numbers/design for the same engine…My GMC S-15 went through 4 different filter number changes in the 6 years I owned it. So it could be just a change.

Thank you, Mark.
Yes, I would go with the taller one if more filter media. Plenty of room.
Tomorrow I’ll compare them.

As Mike said, one of them may be obsolete now (probably the taller one, if I had to guess), but either of them will work the same.

The real question is are you willing to RISK engine damage?

Without looking in a parts reference manual, I’d be extremely reluctant to assume that one filter will replace the other successfully even if the physical interface parameters are the same. Filtration capacity, check (bypass) valves, and other characteristics could be different.

Thanks, ALL.
I.nstalled the filter designated for the vehicle. Would prefer more filter media if everything else was the same.

On that point I agree. The problem is that without the filter manufacturer’s technical documents it’s impossible to know if everything else truely is the same.

IMHO you did the right thing.

I hope thathere was no damage caused by the incorrect filter.
Hopefully not any or enough difference to be important.

I boughtwo correct filters for her - though you might not like that I bought Fram filters instead of Toyota filters. (I wento Walmart by bicycle. Toyota dealer is too far away.)

Wal-mart has Motorcraft oil and filters,o at least I do not need to drive to a Fordealer for thExpedition.