'94 Accord ground near thermostat housing?



I’m told there is a ground wire on or near the thermostat housing on my '94 Accord. Can someone please tell me exactly where to find that wire? Thanks!


Any wire, or cable, you find bolted to the engine, or transmission, or other metal is probably a ground wire. It’s helps to assure a good ground if you loosen the bolt and retighten it. Doing so has a wiping action on the metal under the head of the bolt. There are ground wires bolted all over the car, including under the dash.


I think what you are looking for is the bonding cable. It may be bare, green or braided but it goes from the block, around the motor mount, to the body so that both share the same ground. There are usually bonding straps in a couple of places, in case one breaks.

Since the negative battery cable, also sometimes called a ground cable goes to the engine, so the bonding straps are needed to complete the circuit to the battery for all the accessories in the car.


Thanks Keith! I found the bonding strap. Someone had specifically mention that there was one near the thermostat housing, but I found it lower on the block. Thanks for the feedback.