Grooves inside my rim?

So i was cleaning my 2007 mazda miata and i noticed one wheel has some fairly deep scratched grooves inside of it. I inspected all the other tires and the other front tire has similar marks but they are way way more of a surface/barely there scratches. The rear wheels are not scratched. I am also hearing a rotational noise when i drive. It gets faster as i accelerate and slower when i break. I don’t know anything about cars.

The only thing I can think of is the lower pin on the disc brake caliper backing out a little and contacting the wheel. In any event…the wheel needs to be removed and the brakes completely inspected. Something made those grooves.

I agree with Missileman that this should be done, however I don’t see anything of concern in the photos. In addition to casting and machining marks being normal on the noncosmetic surfaces of wheels, the process of dismounting, mounting, and balancing wheels can easily leave marks.

The rotational noise, if it’s a grinding noise, could come from worn tires, a bad bearing, a rubbing dust shield, or any number of other causes. If it’s a thumping noise, it could be a tire or a bent rim.

In any event, the only way to find out is to have a reputable shop look at it.

sounds like a brake caliper problem to me too

That wheel should be removed and everything behind it inspected…

If your’e hearing a noise that’s related to the rotation/speed of the wheels and you are seeing scoring marks on your wheel I’d have it checked out. Shouldn’t cost very much for an inspection and you may very well catch a minor problem before it turns into a major one.

ok thank you all.