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Groaning Over Speedbumps - Solution

Had groaning noises when going over speedbumps/humps. It was when coming down off the bump (when suspension takes up load). Well, must be shocks/spring insulators. Replace front shocks with Monroe QuikStruts (shocks, spring, mounts, insulators). Also, as part of shock replacement, replaced sway bar links. Vehicle rides great. Only one problem, noise still there. Spend $9.99 on a couple Moog sway bar bushings and replace. Noise is gone. So it goes.

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Like a rusty hinge on a door.


Yep…at least I have a better ride now to go with the $9.99 quiet (or so I will force myself to believe so as to not cry over the $300 bucks spent…). Side note: When buying big from Advance Auto always buy online and pickup in store. Almost always 20% off deal. To get around the 50 buck max you can just buy each item separately. Takes more time, but saved me a total of 70 bucks on the two shock sets.