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Groaning Car

My 2003 Acura groans as I start to drive the car. I don’t notice it after I have been driving it to a location only when I am leaving my driveway.

The Acura probably is tired of seeing the same sights over and over again, thus the groan… (that’s a joke).

Seriously now…
“Groaning” is a classic description of wheel bearings / wheel bearing hubs going bad. Without any further description, I’d take it in to your local repair shop and park it overnight for them to confirm/diagnosis. Probably best not to go to the repair shop with “I think it is the wheel bearings…” or else they will probably agree just to soak you for the $400-600 and then “find” something else wrong during the replacement.

Any further description you can provide?

The groaning might be from dry lower ball joints.

If the lower ball joints are the originals, they don’t have grease fittings where they can be greased. So they dry out where they start making a groaning noise.

Take it to a shop that has a needle greaser. They’ll inject grease into the ball joint to see if groaning noise goes a way.


This could also be the ABS self-test.
There have been a few cars that I have driven whose ABS self-test sounded like a brief groan.