Grinding Noise when Gas Pedal is at a Certain Angle while Accelerating

2000 Nissan Xterra. 3.3LV6 Automatic. 185,000. When I push on the gas pedal while accelerating there comes a grinding noise, but only when I have the pedal in at just the right spot/angle. It shifts fine, and accelerates fine. It runs like normal. However, there is this obnoxious grinding noise. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago, and a few weeks before that, the check engine light was on for TPS/ICV. I had the sensors/valves replaced and it still gives me the grinding noise. Any suggestions?

Can you feel something with your right foot when you hear the grinding? I’d look at the gas petal, throttle cable, set up and see if you need some lubrication and/or grease somewhere.

My 2000 Blazer had a grinding noise during acceleration after an intake manifold replacement. I was able to trace the noise/vibration to the accelerator cable.

The cable was not properly secured in the engine compartment after the repair. I used a tie wrap to secure it and the grinding stopped.

Ed B.

The above responses could be correct, but then again, the problem could be as simple as a loose or bent heat shield.

The OP stated that the gas pedal has to be “in just the right spot”, but that could be a red herring. Instead, the noise could correspond to a specific RPM range, and that is frequently indicative of a heat shield noise. That type of noise is sometimes described as a “grinding” noise, even though it is more of a buzzing noise in most cases.

Oscar–Please take note of the RPMs when you hear this noise. If it is always the same RPM range, then it is most likely just an annoying heat shield noise.

I greatly appreciate all the responses. The problem has been fixed, and it was a combination of both a loose throttle cable and the heat shield. I can’t thank you all enough. However, I now have another question. I will post it in a new discussion. If you guys could share some advice again, I would be in your debt.

I appreciate you posted back with the results. Not many OP’s take the time to do this.

Ed B