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Grinding, feeling like brakes on, stalls in reverse

2003 Ford Focus, Auto-Transaxal; the transaxle light does not seem to be on; it seems to work in other gears fine (but may be in “fail safe mode”); backup lights do turn on when in reverse; it does start in park or neutral; BUT, after starting, when put in reverse, it sound like brake is on and the car stalls. (Grinding type sound as if brake shoes were stuck). Neither brake is not on, the care easily rocks, car moves forward fine.

Don’t have one of those fancy OBD-II scanners, and even if I did, I understand the transaxial codes don’t show up in the “generics”. Someone said it is a “sensor”; but you know how many different sensors control the transaxial and fuel…

The car will go in reverse if reve the engine, put it in reverse, and let momentum move it as the engine stalls.

Could it be low fluid? What are chances of needing a complete rebuild? Could it still be just a sensor with that grinding sound?

Can’t find the edit button for a question…
“the care easily rocks” should read “the car easily rocks”