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Greasing universals- special fittimgs?

while I m working under my jeep I m cleaning excess grease/oil/dirt accumulations and greasing fittings

the problem is that while my numerous universal joints have grease fittings, my gun tip won t fit in to the fitting on them.

is there a special tip I can use or do I have to do some disassembly to access them?

Here a $30 adapter kit from Autozone, looks like it has some small-diameter ones for situations like yours:

thanks, I have some plastic air hose fittings I may be able to rig

can t really afford thirty bucks right now, but if I could find a single fitting…

maybe a piece of fuel line…with weed wacker fuel line stuck in… lol

Harbor Freight might have it for much less…

Usually the drive shafts can be rotated to a position where the alemite is accessible.

lol ale mite be accessible but I don t drink…

Grease Gun Needle Adapter…

Agree with Caddyman, 54 to 58 years ago when I greased cars we used a needle gun to grease u-joints. I especially remember a customer that had a 37 Pontiac because it had 37 grease points.

Nobody even remembers what a pneumatic grease gun sounds like any more…


@Caddyman; Puttchewww, Puttchewww, Puttchewww, Puttchewww,


Use Model 83278* from Lincoln Lube Equip. Attaches to end of grease gun.

Squit squit squit squit…