Do I need to grease my end link kits?


I got these new end links online and the image didn’t show any graese fitting on the end but I got them today and there is a grease fitting. So I’m not sure if this means I need to add grease? Is there a way I can make sure? The boots are sealed so can’t look inside either.


Anytime you get a new component with a grease fitting, you add grease.



Well then I guess ima buy a new tool today haha.

Grease until is spurs out?

Also, any type of grease specefically I need?


Go to the parts store and get this kit.

Pump grease in until the rubber boot swells.



Found this at my local store in Canada! Looks like yours should be good?


It’ll work.



Get a grease gun with a whip hose, trust me on this. It can be a cheapo, you won’t be using it often.

use NLGI #2 grease . . . very common. Many of the grease cartridges will reference that standard