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Knocking noise and rumbling

Hi all. I have two questions. I have a 2007 Fit, and just recently started to have my car rumble, specifically the break pedal, when I break. We got new breaks about two years ago. I’m just wondering what it could be.

Another thing is I was driving and some (explative) person decided to pull out in front of me when they really shouldn’t have. I slammed on my breakes and had a grinding noise and feel to my car when that happened. Since then when I’m driving slow I get a knocking feeling against the foot area of my passenger seat. What could this be? It is kinda hard to look underneath the car since it is so low so we can’t easily see by the wheels or Axel area.

Open your hood and look at the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir. The reservoir is plastic and you can view the level through the plastic. If it is near the min mark, then you need new pads again, and this time probably new rotors as well. Your replacement pads may not have been as good as the OEM.

It is also possible that one of your calipers has frozen pins. This would cause excessive wear on the outboard pad on that caliper. That in turn would cut into the rotor. Again you would need new pads and rotors and either the caliper pins re-lubricated or new caliper pins installed (or new calipers). You will need to get this inspected, but once the wheel is removed, the damage would be very visible on the outside of the rotor.

Thank you. I’ll update as soon as we can examine my car more.

More than likely warped rotors. Replace with high quality rotors and lube caliper pins.

The grinding noise might have just been your ABS activating. Do you know what that feels like in general?

Is it spelled breaks or breakes? I suppose it’s plural so it might be. Axle is spindle. Maybe you are Swedish?

Jack up the car, pull the front wheels and inspect the brakes and check the wheel bearings. Inspect the rubber boots protecting the CV joints to be sure they are intact.

Irs only an axel if you are figure skating. And then you might brake something :slight_smile: