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Grand Marquis fan question

My mom has a 95 grand Marquis, and when watching it run the fan seems to be running in slo-mo. Its not overheating, and the gauge isnt in the danger zone. The dealer told her not to worry about it, unless she wanted to pay to have them look at it, which she cant afford.

Is there a separate motor driving the fan? and if so how expensive is it and whats involved in replacing it?..thanks, David

I’m guessing that this car is of the rear wheel drive type, so the fan is on the front of the engine. The fan is mounted on a heat operated clutch. Before the engine very hot, the fan will be turng mostly by friction. When the engine is hotter, the clutch engages and the fan will spin much faster.
If this is a front wheel drive, just get another fan and motor from the bone recycler yard

IIRC The Ford 4.6’s all used electic fans. I could be wrong though.

Early 4.6L had two fans, one mechanical and one electric. I think that the mechanical one had a clutch line Perv described. The 1997-98 MYs (whale body) might have been the change-over time, but I am not sure.

I have two suggestions. First, there is no reason to take this car to a dealer over an independent shop. If you ask around you may be able to find a reliable independent.

Second, ask at It will be a good resource for you now and in the future if your mom keeps this car.

Somewhere between 1994 and 1999, the fan switched from mechanical to electric. The OP’s could very well be mechanical with a clutch.

Many late model Ford products use an electric fan that operates at different speeds depending on the engine conditions.

The low and high speed is controlled by what is called a Variable Load Control Module which is controlled by the ECM.

Thanks one and all…Im gonna keep an eye on it.