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Grand Caravan 2002 shifting problem after it rains or is washed

I have put far too much money this to go into detail but after fixing rough running problem when the odometer was under 80,000 and not what it is around 87,000. Now, after it is washed or in the rain, it will not shift, as it should, till it completely dries out. I figure it is another short in the wiring harness that took much mucho for them to find and fix the last time. Short of replacing the wiring harness any suggestions? No lights are on for engine check or anything.

While I don’t think this problem is due to a short I agree with you about a wiring problem. It sounds like there is a bad connection somewhere for the shifter. There may be a switch on or near the transmission that has a connection problem. I would check that. The problem may also be with a power connection to that area.

Thank You for the only response to my question. Took it to 2 dealers, and the both refused to try to fix it, but were more than willing to put it on the computer…lol

In sheer fustration traded it in, and when we only got $1500 as a trade in price at both places, we found a local guy, that gave us $3000 for it on a trade for another 2005 Town and Country with all the bells and whistles. How nice it was especially in todays world situation, we found someone who cares rather than a company that turns its back on its lemons. I pray daily the “new” van carrys us through our remaining years as we are both retired. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.