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Grand Am Pass Lock Security System

My daughter has had trouble with her 2000 Grand Am Pass Lock Security System. There are a lot of posts on the internet for this exact problem so I figured you had solved this problem long ago, or not. Any way there seems to be a lot of false positives and the cure given in the owner’s manual is to wait 10 minutes until the security lite goes out to start the car. This is a pain and inconvenience to say the least. Have you found a better solution to this problem? I searched the Car Talk site and found no discussion of this problem.

Got A Minute?

To my knowledge there has not been a consensus as to the cure. We have had lots of lengthy discussions, here. Cheapest, easiest attempt at a fix is a new key cut from code, not copied or if you have a second unused key sqirreled away, try that. Then it’s a new ignition switch next. It was explained to me that there are tiny sensors in the switch that get finicky.

Here’s one of the discussions with links to others. Click this link:

Somebody mentions a chip in the key. I don’t think you have that. That came with next generation of GM security, I believe. I think your’s is a plain old key.


One guy on the net has a site with by-pass instructions and pictures.

Is That The Site With The Tomato Juice Can Exhaust System Overhaul?

How about red tape on a broken taillight lens?
I’ve seen guys do body repair with portland cement.


Don’t really know what/where you are comming from but I will repeat for the OP I have found good technical information (including bypass info) on the net dealing with PassLock2. Are you asking me to give you a link? let me think about it awhile.

Yes I found that site
but I am not at all comfortable trying something like that on my own.
It sounds to me like that body control module controls the fuel pump operation. Has anyone tried tying a switched hot wire into the fuel pump circuit to supply fuel to the injectors when the body control module doesn’t?

I Can’t Find My Mouse Ears. Unless Somebody Else Can Help, You’re On Your Own.

Did you try a new ignition key first?


The Passlock sends a signal to the BCM which in turn sends a signal to the ECM to enable BOTH the fuel pump AND the injector function. Hot wiring the fuel pump alone will not work as the ECM isn’t going to fire the injectors. Even VATS had this provision so that it couldn’t be easily defeated.