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Got stuck on snow. Transmission damaged?

So I was driving to work and got stuck on snow on a exit. I turned off traction control and put the car on sports mode and got out in 5 minutes. The car in question is a 2015 Nissan Sentra. Now if I go past 60 mph the car starts to noticeably shake. I’ve read about transmission problems if you keep rocking the car back and forth. But I never rocked the car but I did struggle 5 minutes to get out of the snow. I havent taken the car to get its tires balanced yet because the shaking happend right after this incident and I got off work. I’m worried if it’s the transmission and not a tire balance…

If this shake was right after getting unstuck, there is a possibility that your wheels just have a bunch of snow and ice packed in them (been there, done that), clean them off.

If all the snow and ice have been cleaned from the wheels and the problem still exists, could be something simple like missing wheel weights.