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GoSmart automotive smartphone accessory is ironically named

In a world chock-full of bad ideas, the makers of the GoSmart Clip have found a way to stand out. The device is actually quite simple in form. It’s a plastic phone holder that clips onto many smartphones, and utilizes an elastic strap to adhere itself to the steering wheel. The device retails for $29.95, and it comes in both red and black.

A $30 price tag isn’t too horrible for any chunk of useful plastic, but this testament to distracted driving takes “smart” to an entirely different level. The device is obviously for those who like to play on their phone when they’re going 75 miles-per-hour, though the device’s FAQ page tells owners not to text and drive and recommends using Bluetooth when you’re on a call. That was responsible of them. And if you’re wondering if the device blocks the gauge cluster, we’re guessing the answer is almost always yes. But don’t worry, the FAQ says that if the gauges are blocked, simply move the device too 11 o’clock or 1 o’clock on the steering wheel. Problem solved, right?

With over 5,000 deaths per year attributed to distracted driving, the GoSmart seems like one of the worst accessories ever. Luckily, the company made a video to prove how sturdy the device is, and you can check it out by hitting the jump.

If the airbag goes off, look out!

pretty handy if you use your phone for the GPS, or as a speakerphone.

stupid, another argument for self driving cars!

Is It Just Me ? I Don’t Have A Phone Turned On When I’m Driving.
Why ? I’m Driving !

Call me old-fashioned, but I’ve rejected a lot of this knee-jerk cell phone stuff. I own 2 for some reason (long story - doesn’t matter), but I plan ahead (or catch-up later) instead of constantly communicating about my every move. I live out where everything is peaceful. Why spoil it. What did people do before cell phones ?

This morning on TV was a local story about a 20 year-old who was just killed last night when his Jeep had the top sheared off while passing under an 18-wheeler parked on the side of a highway. I hope it wasn’t a cell phone that killed him. What a waste. What a shame.


I bought a cell phone and a plan when I got my first boat. I figured I’d probably never be more than the phone’s distaqnce limitation from the antennea’s (I was right), and if anything happened, swimming while pulling a boat would prove to be very, very difficult.

Since then, I’ve kept that phone, gotten another for the wife, and use them all the time. It’s my primary form of communication (except computers). I’ve found that not using a headset should be a crime and not using the phone at all makes for some extremely long, boring drives. I regularly go on trips of up to 2200 miles at a shot. Without companionship (even of the voice on the side of my head style), leads to some really boring trips, and my buddies help keep me alert, too, which just goes to make me safer for myself and everyone else.

If you don’t use one, I have no problems with that. I don’t think anyone should have problems with people using them…with limitations (hedsets, no school zones, no texting).

I think the little device in this article is a stupid idea. It could easily interfere with your handling of the vehicle in an emergency situation, and definitely interfere with viewing your guages. But that’s just my opinion.