Good place to buy Mercedes Brake Pads and Rotors


What’s a good place to buy Brake pads and rotors for German cars?

I see some on Advance Auto parts and the brand is CarQuest. Even though it say Best quality on Advance Auto parts, I am not sure if its OEM.

Please advise


MB doesn’t make brake rotors or pads.

They’re purchased from a supplier.

Every brake job I’ve done over the past 40 years was done with brake parts from CarQuest.

All that needs to be done is request that the brake components meets or exceeds OEM specifications and you’ll be fine.


check there is alot to choose from.

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If you want to be sure they’re OEM, get them from the dealer’s parts department.

Okay. Thats good to know!

Does Carquest meets or exceeds OEM specifications?



You just ask them to provide those parts.

CarQuest supplies replacement parts to the local dealers in the area.

You see their delivery trucks at the dealers all the time.


Would you recommend metalllic or ceramic brake pads?


Asking for OEM brake pads will determine that.


You are asking about the rotors and pads makes me wonder if you have the ability to do this work . German vehicles have a reputation for being over engineered and not receptive for Do it Yourself projects .

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Ceramic. They produce less dust than metallics and tend to last a little longer.