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Good or bad a/c clutch?

can you tell which one is the bad a/c clutch kit? Well, actually they are both bad, although I just purchased the kit above, the coil is bad. No continuity.

The original clutch parts below are from an Acura CL with 234K miles. All three pieces are ruined. Bearings bad in the pulley, coil is showing wiring and clutch is worn down.

Oh yes, my shoes have also over 100K miles on it.

I’ve been reading your other postings, and you talked about these parts

You’ve already fixed the problem, as per the other discussion

And now you’ve posted some pictures of the old bad parts, and new bad parts, which were apparently faulty right out of the box

Why did you start this new discussion?

Seems to me, you could have just posted the pictures, and the write-up, as a follow-up for your other discussion

I’ve read your postings, and it seems you know a thing or two.

You’re a new and welcome addition to this website

yeah, my fault. I probably should have done that. No, I don’t know much compared to many others here. I just love to crawl under my cars when it’s 85 degrees outside.

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You might get another year out of that compressor, you might not.

I have seen a lot of burned A/C clutches, when the compressor shaft seal leaks oil the clutch will slip when cycling, get hot and melt the coil insulation and the bearing seals.

Only replacing the clutch has the potential of becoming a “come-back”.

that’s very correct and I know for another $100 I could have had a a new compressor with clutch assembly. I was willing to take the gamble because of the high mileage (~234K) and age of the car. It’s driven daily 125 hwy miles. Since it held up good in the vacuum test I am a little hopeful.