Trying to sell the car


I am trying to sell my car and when people come to see it or for test drive, some of them want to take it to their mechanic (some located at a little disatnce from my house). I have a question for you guyz. What options do I have when some body asks for this kind of ‘mechanic’ trip. I understand the need for the buyer but thats a lot of waste of my time. Some people come up with ridiculous offers and that would jsut piss me off if they waste my time first and then offer a low ball. Suggestions?


Suggest meeting them AT their mechanic with the car. Under no circumstances should you allow a stranger to have your car overnight so that they can take it to “someone” the next morning. I did that ONCE, and got the car back two days and 250 miles later. He should have taken the bus.


Thanks for your input. How much time does these things take once you are at the mechanic. Can the potential buyer set up an appointment at the mechanic before you go so time is not wasted. Is it ok to suggest a mechanic closer to your place ? Any other suggesttions. Thank you.


if they’re serious, they should be able to work with you to work out a time that’s good for you to meet them at their mechanic. If they don’t want you to meet them and ask to take it themselves, tell them to keep looking.


Get their name, phone number and address and drivers license number AND major credit card number. Also get the phone number of the shop they are taking your vehicle to and ensure they show up.

Anyone seriously shopping for a vehicle shouldn’t have any problem with the above (unless they’re car thieves).


Agree; I have nothing against a mechanic’s inspection, bu you need to retain access to the car. The AAA has many designated inspection mechanics, and the car would be safe there. I would even offer to pay for the inspection, and tack it on to the price of the car. In terms of asking price, copy the pages out of the Kelly Blue Book or similar list and it will settle any argument. I have bought 4 used cars privately this way by showing the owner what the car was really worth, take it or leave it.


The reason you get more money during private sales vs trade in is simple, the hassle involved.

You need not personally go to the mechanic to have an inspection or test drive. I just have simply held their license and left them my cell # in case they get pulled over. Its motivation not to drive like a nut too when your test driving without the owner.

Good luck.