Good local mechanics

Does anyone know any good local mechanics in Albuquerque, New Mexico that can do a pre trip inspection?

Good morning, @SpacelessMoney. You might want to check the Mechanics Files on for some recommendations, but you can also ask around to anyone you know for a recommendation. That may be worth more. But I do know we have at least one person here who lives in Albuquerque.

Two more sources I’ve used successfully: Yelp and Google (Google has ratings, too).

YELP??? No way. Yelp (and many others) are not good sources for reviews.

I’ve been successful using Yelp to find mechanics. I’m sure there are problems. Takes detailed reading of reviews.

“… a recent study concluding that at least 16 percent of the reviews are fake. The researchers found that the worst offenders are restaurants seeking to offset negative write-ups…”

So, 84% or so are legit.

What do you recommend?

16% of fake write-ups is HUGE. It can easily change a review from favorable to not favorable.

Many sources. Not just one. I never rely on one source for a dependable review.

As do I, if you had read my post. “Two more sources…”

I do! I’m a bum so I do all my own work so I don’t have a recommendation. There’s a Busted Knuckles on San Pedro NE that looks funky but has a great name!

Troll, Your second sentence makes all three of your sentences useless. That make my reply a waste of time, also.
CSA:palm_tree: :sunglasses::palm_tree:

Ms Aquila mentioned that she knows of 1 Albuquerqueño in these fora. Possibly she meant me. If that were the case I wanted @SpacelessMoney not to wait. I thought the mention of Busted Knuckles was humorous.

I would recommend Christian’s Automotive. We used them when we had a fuel pump go out in 2010, while on a trip to New Mexico. Extremely professional and very competent. Would not hesitate to use them again if I were in Albuquerque.

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