Good battery/altenator but no charge?

for awhile now i have been having trouble with my cars electronics, i like to wire things like subs,radios, and led’s and for the most part i havent had any problems other than a short or two, the problem is that my altenator is producing a very low amound of voltage maybe .5V more at idle than when the car is off, however when i rev the engine, even just barly it charges far better, normally the heater with nothing else on is enough to drain the battery and dim the led’s in my dash board however when i rev the engin the led’s get bright, also i noticed that my car was sitting at a low idle at about 500 compared to the normal 700-800, also normaly when i turn on my ac the idle speed increases about 150 however that only happens when my car is charging properly, i have had both my alternator and battery checked multiple times so i dont belive that is it, i also noticed earlyer that when i started it the altenator was charging just fine,(mind you that the engine was running just 10 minutes ago for over an hour) however after i turned on my radio heater ac,headlight,ect. for afew minutes i looked at my voltage and it had fallen to about 13.2 from 14V after i turned everything off it stayed about the same, and when i turned the car off it sat at about 12.9V, i have a feeling it might be somthing like an idle control valve sticking becouse i replaced it awhile ago with a apart form ebay but i can not be sure. any help would be nice i would prefer not to waist money on parts i dont need

First it would be nice if you could use normal case (capitals and lower case letters) and use paragraphs as well as an extra space after a period at the end of a sentence.   Just stringing words together in one large group makes reading it difficult. 

After trying to read your message, I am not sure you have a problem. I can suggest one thing.  Many auto part stores will test your battery and charging system for free.  I suggest you start there.

The subs, amps, lights, etc, have overloaded the car’s electrical system. They are drawing more current than the alternator can produce. You need an alternator with a higher output.

Or disconnect all the stuff.

did you try checking fuses

The alternator is connected to the battery with a fusible link wire. With all the electrical modifications, you may have compromised this very important wire. If it handled a single large voltage spike, it may have melted parts of this wire, making it unreliable.

Sorry about the spelling, the educational system just isn’t what it used to be. However last night i unpluged the battery from the car and let it charge over night, this morning i reconected the battery and turned my key to the iggnition possition noticing that their was a loud humming sound comming form my idle control valve, so i replaced it with another i happened to have around. The new part was much quiter and now my car holds a charge between 11.5-14 volt while driving. So im not sure wether it was the Idle control valve or that i just needed to reset my cars computer but it apears to be working now.