Good A/S tires for performance

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So I have a dilemma on my hands, I’ve been looking nonstop for a great performing all season tire, or anything that handles good in dry and wet condition with a little snow. Reason being I just picked up a set of wheels(6x14 Manaray Turbina S) and want to throw those puppies on ASAP!

This wouldn’t be much of a problem, except, the tire I’m looking for is a 195/60/14. Small tire, I know. But every time I come across a good tire I’m ready to buy(eg Federal ss595 or Falken Pro Touring A/S) they’re either discontinued or heavily on back order.

Does anyone have any experience with high performance tires in the snow(icey roads/cold temps) or know of a great performing tire that can also handle winter conditions? Or even any tire with good performance capabilities in all weather conditions? Or anything at all for a tire in this size haha.

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Go to, enter the info for your vehicle as well as your desired performance parameters, and you will find descriptions and reviews of almost every tire that comes in the proper size for your vehicle. No matter where you wind up buying your tires, you will benefit from the info on that website.


I had michelin defender m/s on my vehicle before it was rear ended, I was very happy with them.

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After I finally wore-out a set of those excellent Defenders, I replaced them with Michelin Premier tires, and I like them even a bit better than the Defenders.

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@Marco-B If these tires are for that imported Suzuki Cappuccino will you really put that thing on the road in snow ? Didcount Tire shows A/S Hankook in that size and the ones I have are quite good. Me thinks that any good brand of tire will work , after all this is not a Mustang .

I’ve had good luck with the General Altimax tires in a variety of sizes, which I originally bought to replace the Continental tires that came OEM…

General is owned by Continental and the differences I noticed were:

  1. The Generals had a little less grip than the Contis but they lasted 50,000 miles instead of 20,000 miles for the Contis. .
  2. The Generals were a bit stiffer and noisier than the Contis.
  3. But the Generals came in at about $100 a tire vs $250 for the Contis for ratio 35 and 40, size 17, 18 and 19 tires.

For your size Tire Rack has them for $96.65 per tire.

Just be aware that it’s an All Season tire and NOT a Snow tire.

I have had the general Altimax RT43 on a couple of cars and they are a good tire. word of caution though. they do have weak side walls and are prone to side wall bubbles or belt shift on lower profile tires. when my daughter leased a hyundai accent it came with a lower profile tire and I put on the Generals when her car needed it. I had to replace 3 of the tires when she had it. one was a month old. but who knows, maybe she aimed for the potholes. LOL

Because there are absolutely no standards for what constitutes a so-called “All-Season” tire, someone could wind-up with a set of “All-Season” tires that handles winter roads competently, or they could wind-up with “All-Season” tires that are absolutely hazardous on winter roads. My '02 Outback came from the factory with Bridgestone “all-season” tires that were so bad as to cause me to order winter tires after the first snowfall.

On a different tack.
Get winter tires for your stock rims. Then get performance, summer tires, for your new rims. That way, unless the current tires must be replaced now, for safety reasons, backorder status of the new tires would not be an issue.


Agree with #2 on the Altimax tires. I had a set on the Buick. They got loud, and I mean worn out mud tire loud, if they weren’t kept rotated. The ones I had may have been discontinued. They had sort of an oddball tread pattern.

I actually didn’t choose them, per se, they were just a good deal. I was at the local tire store, some guy had punctured one tire and it couldn’t be repaired. Apparently he couldn’t stand the thought of 1 unmatched tire, so he bought a whole set and left the 3 nearly new tires at the tire store. I bought them for around $30 each, sourced a matching tire on tirerack (which the tire store said could not be done), and had a pretty good set of tires for pretty cheap!

I think the noise was due to the tread pattern and my less than religious rotation.

Tire Rack gives it a 7.5, which is decent. I don’t see anything better in this size.