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Buying tires

I have a focus w/16" wheels…with performance (if that’s possible with a focus) tires, and we live in Mi. and drive in snow.

Are there good 'performance tire" under $100 that are good in the snow?

Also are the 85K mile tires that much better than the 60K tires for the money?

You will need a set of snow tires mounted on the the correct size steely rims for winter

Do you really need/want high performance tires? High performance tires and tires that are good in snow are two different things, they don’t mix. Considering it’s a Ford Focus, you don’t NEED performance tires, and just because you live in Michigan you don’t NEED dedicated snow tires. Just get a nice set of all-seasons and you’ll be fine. I highly recommend all-season tires with some micro-siping on them. Micro-sipes are like mini treads on top of the larger treads and they make a big difference in the snow. As for a specific recommendation, go to Discount Tire, national chain with several locations in Michigan, and get their Arizonian silver edition tires. I’ve had great results with them. Arizonian is Discount Tires in house brand made by Good Year.

go to … type in size of car/model/yr and pick tire rating and a list of tires with ratings will show up…

Depending on which part of MI this person lives in, winter tires might be needed. Lake effect snow is a pain in the ***
These seem fairly decent for the price:
I know you wanted under $100 per tire, but I’ve got these on my Civic and they are really great:

Yes the Continental ExtremeContact is quite good for performance and excellent in the winter conditions. Expect 45k max out of them and the price is not too steep.

It is a popular tire with many I know who want a one size fits all tire that can performance decently in the summer and winter.

I lived in Michigan, in a heavy lake effect area for 23 years, I never needed snow tires. I guess maybe they would have been nice from time to time, but not necessary. I’ve had those General Tire Altimaxs, no good in snow. The Michilins are nice probably, but overpriced. In addition to my previous suggestion, Uniroyal Tiger Paws are pretty good and won’t cost you your first born.

Buy four steel rims (with hubcaps if you want) and put four snow tires on them.

Forget about “performance” and “snow” in the same sentance.

In fact, I’d recommend you forget about “performance” and “ford focus”- embrace the car for what it is, and don’t try to force it to be something it isn’t. You won’t be pleased with the results. If you want an SCCA racecar, then make it into one and forget about using it as a daily driver also- one or the other.

I had 14" Tiger Paw as6000s on my Civic prior to the upgrade to 15" rims and the Exalto tires. Night and day difference, Exaltos are far better than the TPs were

If you live in an area with lots of snow and/or have a job where you have to be there (fireman, EMS,etc.) go with dedicated snows on steel rims. If you do that, I would recommend down sizing to 15’s for a higher profile and go with a narrower tread. They’ll be somewhat cheaper and better go-in-the-snow.
If your budget doesn’t allow for that, or you don’t have room to store tires over the summer, I’d suggest Coopers for milder snow conditions or Nokian WR’s for deeper snow conditions. The Nokians have a severe service emblem but are still rated as 4 season tires. If your stock rims are alloys than you don’t want to be busting tires 2 times a year.
Every tire is a compromise. Performance tire in snow(forgiving flexible sidewalls,deep thread with many little sipes, rubber that stays ‘sticky’ at below freezing temps) and performance tires in the summer(stiff sidewalls, minimum tread, and rubber that doesn’t overheat at high speeds) are mutually exclusive.
85k tires usually have a lower traction rating in wet or dry, they wear less because they tend to stick less. I found it depends on how you drive. I bought 80K Toyo’s for my car(Golf) and my wife’s car(Accord). I went thru them in 30K(I like taking turns on 2 wheels) and my wife had 50K on them and they looked fine(she takes all day to take a corner). I put Coopers on the VW and they lasted over 40K and I thought they were very adequate in snow and great on 2 wheels.