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Good 2 seat roadster suggestions

I owned a 2007 Saturn Sky for a while. Whoever at GM designed the thing was an idiot but it was fun to drive. The idiocy was the interior which was designed for 80 pound shorties, no seat travel, and the trunk that had the stupid double deck intrusion. Anyway, we’d like to get another little roadster. Personally, even with its shortcomings, I’d like to get another Sky. Yes, used. Compared with other roadsters in the general size class, what would be a good choice? Mazda MX5, Saturn Sky, or something else. I’d like to stay below $18K. Oh, I live in Ohio and stand 6’3"

Shazam! Sorry.
What about a Solstice ? Same as a Sky ?

You could find a nice '02 to '05 T’bird.

I am 6’ 3" tall and I recommend you try on the 2 seat roadster for fit. When I was a graduate student the first time around, one of my fellow graduate assistants purchased a 1962 MG Midget. I thought it was great to ride in. After my second round of graduate school we lived in a duplex and our next door neighbor sold Datsun and MG cars. He would bring an MG Midget demonstrator home almost every evening. He was also in the National Guard and had reserve duty once a month over a week-end. He would bring the key to the demonstrator over to my house and tell me that the car needed be taken out for exercise every day that he was away on guard duty. Of course, I didn’t have any problem doing him this favor. I really liked driving the car. About 10 years ago, a dealer where I had purchased a car had a “mechanic’s special” MG midget on his lot for $700. The MG ran, but it needed a clutch and extensive body work. This lot is a family business that started in the 1920s and is in the 4th generation. When I went to look at the car, the sons were busy with customers, so the mother gave me the keys and told me that if I could get in the car they might just give it to me. Once I got in the car, she said “I hope you can get out, because if you can’t, you will have to buy the car”. I almost had to buy the car. Age makes a difference. I would love to have a 2 seat roadster. My doctor even wrote a prescription for me that said for my mental well being, I should have a Mazda Miata. Well, I am almost 70 years old and while the Miata would be great for my mental state, I don’t think my body bends enough to fit into one.
Try your prospective 2 seat roadster on for size. Get one that fits, because as my car salesman neighbor pointed out, these cars need frequent exercise.


The best 2 seat roadster for the money is a Ford Mustang convertible with your golf clubs in the rear seats. $18k, OK, a used one. Having 4 seats gives the bigger person up front more over all room.

Miata or used SLK.

I would suggest taking a test drive in a Miata before you make your final decision.

The MX5/Miata is actually roomier than the Solstice/Sky. The GM car uses a truck’s transmission and that thing eat up a lot of space. Having 15 years ahead of GM in the roadster business, Mazda knew what it was doing when they redesigned the car. And having to get out of the car to fold the top is a joke compared to the Mazda.

Except for the crappy colors, the late-model T-Birds (as Turbo said) are pretty nice…Nothing like smooth V8 power from a bullet-proof engine…Try one on for size and see if it fits…

You might find a 2005/2006 Chrysler Crossfire roadster at your price point. It is based on the MB 280SLK from the early 2000s You have to go to a 2003 280SLK or so to get the same price. I had a Crossfire convertible as a rental once. It was fun to drive, but has almost no trunk room when the top is down. I was able to shoehorn my briefcase and roll-aboard bag in, but I really had to lean on them. It’s more of a touring car, as is the same era SLK. If that works for you, then test drive one and see if it fits.

Small list:

Porsche Boxster
Mazda Miata
Honda S2000
Chrysler Crossfire - Based off of the Mercedes SLK 320, not the 280.
Nissan 350Z


Harley with a side car. Good leg and headroom for the driver. And, nearly as much room for the passenger as a Miata. Luggage is always an option regardless and restricted to the saddlebags. In my opinion, two seat sports cars are no more practical in dry weather.