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Golf 1.9 gttdi,02 plate

Hi, I’ve got a 02 plate 1.9 golf gttdi, now it started to shake as though the engine wasn’t bolted in properly and the passenger wheel was buckled, so when my fella went round the block in it to see if he knew what ur might be , he said it made a noise as though something had broke and now it won’t move. It goes in gear ok but just won’t move?

Well , you don’t know what is wrong and your friend does not know either . And a bunch of guesses from the web will not really help much. You need a tow to a good shop and your check book .


If I am interpreting “buckled” correctly, this vehicle is not safe to drive, and likely indicates failure of a ball joint.

… and yet your “fella” drove it?

As Volvo V70 stated…

… as nobody could possibly give you a proper diagnosis for these multiple problems via cyberspace.


Don’t u know what part the problem is with (drive shaft/ gear box/ ) my son said ur sounded like something spinning was hitting stuff under engine?

Have no idea what you mean with ( ur ) but the answer is you need a shop. And if someone was even to make a accurate guess what good would that do you .

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The good it would do me is my business but thanks anyway.

Ur was a city in ancient Mesopotamia, so I have no idea regarding the OP’s connection of that city with her current car problem.

No matter how well-intentioned any of us might be, only a hands-on examination by a qualified mechanic could possibly provide a diagnosis for what appears to be MULTIPLE problems with the OP’s car.

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Indeed… I concur

I will be onsite shortly… fear not

I have a feeling this is taking place across “the pond” for some strange reason. No worries, after my 5th beer I gain the ability to fly so…again…fear not. I got this