Going crazy

I have a 2002 Cadillac Deville my battery charge light keeps dropping low and and then it will start to over charge at 15.1 volts and my battery is new. What can this problem be.

The regulator. It’s part of the alternator assembly.

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Check the wires on the alternator for security; especially the wire terminal which attaches with a nut or screw. Make sure none of the wires are loose in their terminals.

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Maybe a faulty connection between the alternator and battery; junction terminal, corroded fusible link end, etc.
Failure to make this connection can cause the alternator voltage to spike like this. Or burn it up eventually.

Check for corrosion under the rubber boot on the positive battery cable end.

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the voltage regulater is inside tha alternator. take it shop that repairs this and they take it off and replace it in an hour. no need to buy another alt. for $90.00 it will be done a rebuild will cost $ 150 or more. look for alt repair.