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89 camaro charging system

I need help! I keep blowing up alternators and can’t figure out why. I assume that I have a short because when the car sits in the driveway the battery dies. I think I may have found a wire that is rubbing and I fixed that. I charged the battery. Before I put a new alternator on, I let the car sit to see if the battery held a charge. It sat for two weeks with no problems. I put a new alternator on and the first day it ran fine. When I started it the next day, the volt meter jumped up to 18. I didn’t drive it and the next day the battery was dead again. Any suggestions?

You might not be changing the corret part. I’m not sure if there is a seperate voltage regulator for this vehicle or if it is internal to the alternator. If there is a seperate regulator then you should check the wiring between it and the alternator to make sure there is no trouble with it. It may also help to make sure that the battery is still in good shape.

I’m pretty sure that it has an internal regulator and the battery is brand new.

Where are you getting the alternators from? Some re-builders just are not good.