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What to do with car while abroad

I’ll be out of the country for 9 months starting in March. I have a 2008 Toyota Corolla with 95000 miles. I’m planning to park the car at my grandpa’s and my uncle will drive it a few times a month. Does that sound like the best plan? I was guessing that I won’t be gone long enough to make it worth the hassle of selling my car, even though it would save me insurance costs. Another issue - my plates will expire in the middle of my time abroad. Can my uncle renew them at the DMV on my behalf? Is there another way to take care of this? Thank you!!!

Depends on what state you are in. In Minnesota, they mail you the notice, then you go down to a local office and get the tags. All they need is the check and the notice. Will Gramps be getting your mail too. Best check with the local DMV office though.

Actually for 9 months, you could just let it sit and take the battery out or put a tender on it. The battery will go flat in that time frame. It doesn’t have to be driven but if it is then it should be for 15-20 minutes once a month or so to get it fully warmed up. Otherwise change oil, full tank with gas stabilizer in it. Maybe some dryer sheets to chase rodents away and someone said to put steel wool in the exhause so mice can’t climb in. Not a bad idea to keep minimal insurance on it in case of fire or theft.

You might be able to handle the tags by mail. Go to your state Department of Motor Vehicles web site and see what they do.

Make sure to tell your insurance company that you will hardly drive the car for those 9 months. They will charge you a lot less than if it is a commuter car.

Ask your DMV. There may be a form which will give your uncle limited power of attorney to take care of the registeration in your behalf.

I agree with the fuel stabilizer suggestion above, as one tank will probably last the entire nine months.

In most states, renewals are done by mail and ANYONE can do it…You send them the money, they send you the sticker…For 9 months, you could just disconnect the battery and park it…Cancel the insurance for that period…