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GM's Business - A Provocative Query

Here’s a comment from the Huffington Post, another fine place to spend office hours and to get the juices flowing.

“I hope this car [the Cruze] succeeds.

Yes, it’s a shame that only this year the great GM promises a model that might get the same mileage as my 1976 Toyota Corolla. That’s, well, pathetic of course.

Now they suddenly figure out that a high-quality, high-mileage car like the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla might sell well in the U.S.

And this after deciding that $41,000 price tag is just about perfect for an electric car that might get 45 minutes of electric driving and looks like a $20,000 Chevy Malibu.

I have no idea what business GM is really in these days. It could be international finance, it could be laundering money…no idea at all. But it’s certainly not making competitive cars.

It’s a good front though, I’ll give them that.”

So, what do you think GM’s business is?

It was by this comment that I became acquainted with banker67, whoever he (presumably) might be. He generally doesn’t comment on the automobile industry; rather, he specializes on topics of national import. He makes keen, insightful associations and interesting obervations which flow out seemingly effortlessly. He appears to be a very bright, very well educated, liberal Easterner, with whom some might wish to take issue.

Note: We will use the time element in the next provocative query.

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