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GM developing an in-car app to alert drivers of pedestrians

We can eliminate some of this problem if we just raised the fine for cars not yielding to pedestrians from $100 to $1000. That'll cause them to stop.

The biggest problem with that would be having enough police officers to enforce that fine.

Maybe…Once a few people start getting tickets…it may be a deterrent to the others. Right now here in NH it’s out of control. From my observation…less then 1/20th of all cars stop for pedestrians when in crosswalk.

I’ve seen signs in Columbus at stop lights that says the pedestrian has the right of way and the car shouldn’t turn on red if there’s someone in the crosswalk

Every state I know of that has turn on red law - reads as follows.

Right turn on red is allowed AFTER the driver first comes to a complete stop and then AFTER he yields to all other traffic and pedestrians.

true. But to have actual signs that tell the driver this hanging from the same line as the stop lights…