Glow plugs gone awry?

Yesterday I let a dumb boy go warm my car up for me. When I reallized he probably didn’t know how to start my truck he had already been cranking on it for a couple minutes. This morning when I went to start my truck it would turn over and die after trying to hang on for about 15 - 30 seconds. After doing this a few times I decided to let the glow plugs warm for about a minute after the coil extiguished on my dash. After about the third time of doing that it worked and my truck idled at a normal speed. Did this guy kill a couple of my plugs? How do I check to see if they are bad? Will I chip a nail if I attempt this myself (haha)?

I doubt if he killed any glow plugs, but he may had done in your battery.

See how it starts the next time it’s cold. It’s more likely that he just dumped a bunch of fuel into the engine by cranking on it so long. If it starts normally in the cold, don’t worry about it.