Glow plug

When I replaced my glow plugs yesterday on #4 there was fuel that came out? #4 is the lefht one facing the engine. The car seems to have more power but I wonder why there was fuel on my cylinder… bad glow plug or else.


Now you may have it checked out. Fuel comes through the injector so you may need a new… procedure or whatever it takes to diagnose an injector problem. You should act soon, or else!

You should check if you placed the washer between the glow plug and the head. It may cause the leak.

Possibly leakdown from the injector, how many miles are on the injectors? I wouldn’t be overly concerned, I’ve never heard of any problems from a worn injector aside from lowered fuel economy and loss of power.

You’ll have more power because the computer runs the plugs at various times while the engine is running, not just at startup, to keep the cylinders hot. I think both idle and under heavy load are times when the plugs are likely deemed necessary to be on unless the engine is very hot.

There’s a leaking fuel injector in #4 cylinder. And you don’t want to ignore this for too long.

A leaking injector can get worse over time where it eventually fills a cylinder with diesel fuel. And when this happens and the piston in that cylinder comes up on the compression stroke when starting the engine, this can cause hydro-lock. Hydro-lock can then damage things like pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, and possibly even break the crankshaft.

Also, if the vehicle has a Diesel Oxidizing Catalytic converter, and this unburned diesel fuel is sent down the exhaust system into the DOC, this extra fuel in the DOC can cause what is called a run-away regeneration of the DOC. This is where too much fuel is added to the catalyst of the DOC when the regeneration occurs, and the DOC glows like a red neon light.

Bye bye DOC!