Global warming - combustion engines, NO - jet engines, YES

If it was 10 °C, we’d already be extinct. 1° maybe.

The big question is not whether we will be the agent of our own extinction, it’s whether I have the privilege of shuffling off this mortal coil before things get bad.

Interesting how no one read your post.

Think that’s bad? I have a picture somewhere of red on the through movement and green ball on the left turn. And one of simultaneous red and green for the same movement on an intersection. Not kidding.


Fusion: 50 years away… and always will be. (Can’t remember who I’m quoting here). The difficulties involved are almost unimaginable, and not worth discussing in an auto forum. Not entirely clean, either.

The byproduct of Thorium reactors can indeed be used to build nuclear bombs - I know of three ways around the 232U contamination issue. The most promising technologies I’ve read about propose to denature 233U with 238U, making it at least a more difficult proliferation path than simply enriching natural uranium (like South Africa and Iran).

I just read about a theorized fast neutron mixed fuel (mostly thorium) breeder idea, but I lean toward the inherent safety advantages of thermal neutron reactors and low (even <1) fuel replacement ratios. If you need to replace 0.1% of the fuel charge every year, you can be made to let someone check your plant to ensure that you aren’t skimming off weapons material.

Also not that relevant to auto mechanics…

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Clean and safe are relative…it’s still dirty as hell and not all coal firing stations around the world use things like scrubbers to help reduce CO2 emissions. The mining process isn’t clean either. It might be better than it used to be, but I wouldn’t call it clean.

I read Keith’s post :man_shrugging:t2:


Just about zero plants use scrubbers to remove CO2, they’re used for other pollutants.

I also read (and ‘liked’) Keith’s post.

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ahh true, more for particulate matter. Regardless, I stand by what I said to our newest coal loving member. “Clean” coal is still dirty


“Clean Coal” is an oxymoron.