Ghostly brakes

Why does front caliper brakes for 08 cobalt apply themselves like a ghost at 60, “left side only” causing kick back, hard brakes pedal for stopping,and pull to left,right into on coming traffic

My wild guess is that you have a bad flexable line at the caliper, causing a slight drag the heat from which is causing the line’s inner liner to further collapse and push the caliper closed.

I’d change bothe the caliper and the line and flush the system with fresh fluid.

Changed the hose…and caliper, ( hose was new, caliper came for junk yard)…you were correct in thinking it does this after car is hot…thanks for reply

I’d suspect the boneyard caliper. Or, perhaps it’s a rear brake dragging.

But there is another possibility. Perhaps the bearings are seizing. You’d need to pull it apart to check this out.

Oddly enough, bearings were a recall, and had been fixed before this all started…It is DEFINITELY front left caliper coming out…but you might be right as to junkyard caliper…but if that is case…then chevrolet is in for some expensive recalls if their calipers won’t hold out for two ears thanks for taking time to reply