Gforce performance chips

does anyone know if installing this will harm your car? i had it installed and now 2 weeks later my car is running like crap,goes into the shop tomorrow to be fixed and i am going to have the chip removed also.

The only thing I can see that the chip does is bring in a little more advance to the ignition timing. Within reason this should not affect the vehicle’s performance.

While I’m no fan of this kind of thing I wouldn’t be too quick to blame the performance problem on the chip at this point.

They might do harm, and do no good. They aren’t performance ‘chips’, they’re just jumpers that trick the actual computer (not a ‘chip’) to run the engine incorrectly, or they do nothing. Any company that advertises ‘chips’ for every vehicle ever made, like gforce does, is automatically worthless.

Most of these are pure junk. Literally a 5¢ resistor that makes a temperature sensor on your engine report false values to the engine computer in the hope of fooling it into dumping more gas in and advancing the timing. The only tuners that do some good are the handhelds or PC-based models that actually interface with the engine computer and modify settings with software that has been tested with your vehicle model. Of course these are a little more expensive than the fly-by-night ebay specials. I do not know if one is available for your car, which is essentially a Dodge Neon.

I would remove the ‘chip’, put in a couple cans of Chevron Techron injector cleaner to hopefully blast out the carbon in there from running rich for a couple of weeks, maybe change the spark plugs, and give it a good highway run. Hopefully that will return it to normal and you haven’t done damage to your catalytic converter.

only Gforce I’m aware of is the video card for your computer

Most of these are pure junk.

MOST?? Are then ANY that are NOT pure junk???

"i had it installed and now 2 weeks later my car is running like crap,goes into the shop tomorrow to be fixed "

That pretty much answers your question. Anything you do to your car that makes it run like crap definitely has the potential to do harm. Advancing timing has the potential to even break a connecting rod…which can then punch a hole in the side of your block. Pistons and connecting rods don’t like to have the fuel detonated while they’re still trying to compress it. Leaning out the mix has the potential to cause hot cylinders. They can burn holes in pistons or cause preignition, which has the same effect as advancing timing.

“MOST?? Are then ANY that are NOT pure junk???” --sorry, I misspoke. They are ALL crap.

Yep, kinda like looking for the REAL telephone psychic…