Getting water in widebody

The BRZ wasnt an option for car model. Got kind of a noob question, when you install a widebody you weld and seal the rear fender well to the fender itself. everything i have seen online they didnt do anything with the front to seal it off. Should i be worried about water getting inside the fender?

The rear quarter panels are welded and sealed to keep water and exhaust from entering the interior.
The front fenders only have plastic wheel well liners to control water splash, the fenders are not connected to the cabin.

so i wouldnt have to worry about rust or anything?

After cutting the front fenders, paint or a sealant should be applied to the bare metal to prevent rust.

Are you putting a wide body kit on? Now?

not right now i haven’t ordered it yet, i just wanted to know if i would have to do any fabrication

I would say that there will be fabrication involved plus painting ( not cheap ) . See if the place that you might order from has a FAQ section or contact for your questions.