Get The Hell Outta My Way!

I finally sold my '86 Fleetwood and would like to replace the wimpy horn(s)on my 2008 Impala with the robust Caddy horns. I’m guessing that the Impala probably has some kind of new-fangled plug. What would be the proper procedure to accomplish this task?



The best way to do it would be, if possible, to figure out what kind of new-fangled plug is used on the stock Impala horns and, if it’s available, get one from an autoparts store or the dealer than crimp it onto the Caddy horns. That way you can swap 'em back relatively easily if you need to. Also, make sure the Caddy horns will fit before you start cutting anything!

snip snip, strip strip, wire nut, wire nut. 'nuff said?

Why guess, they’re right there next to the grill! Couldn’t be easier to see. I had to replace the horns on my '03 Camry and I just went to JC Whitney and bought generic replacement horns. They have louder ones too. They all have the same spade connector on them so I would assume that’s a decent standard most follow. If not, I’ll second the snip, snip advice…

Luckily, car horns aren’t terribly complicated, two wires, can’t really even hook them up backwards.

If you have to ask, the task is too difficult for you.

Have someone else do it.