Get out of 4wd



how the heck do i get out of 4wd?

'94 jimmy slt,

thanks for any help


If you’re talking about an older truck that sticks at the linkage. I’ve driven back and forth, stopping and trying again. Never try to force it too hard as that could exacerbate the problem. Shift on the fly Never models actually work better while moving at a slow steady speed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a clue to what your situation is.


Turn the front wheels so they are straight ahead. Rock the truck back and forth a little and that should do it…


If you have been driving in 4wd on pavement, that can “lock up” your transfer case. About all you can do is find a snowy icey area and spin the wheels a bit as you drive on it and hope the build up torque is released.

Otherwise a good technique is to get rolling at about 5 to 10 mph and let off the gas so you are free wheel rolling and try to pull it out of 4wd and into 2wd. Sometimes a slight down hill grade helps.

If it is a push button system you have a more significant problem.


well, i’ve got the push button, and there is plenty of snow and ice on the road,
but i’ve also got an egr issue which i’m tending to…
it seems with the push button system, either you just have to let it decide
for itself whether it needs it or not, or it just takes a few to turn it off…
been trying to find a manual so i would know for sure…


I’m wondering, and it’s a total guess, if the decision on the 4wd is related to the auto hubs needing servicing. My manuals needed regular service that were easier to discern by feel. My latest has automatic which I like you, am not looking forward to a problem at the most inopportune time. If on the rare occasion it does go out, do you notice any drag or poor fuel economy ? Not sure about yours but may think mine is part of it’s “decision making”.


“Push-Button” 4WD is pretty much faith-based. You say your prayers and hope for the best.


Are those associated with vacuum controls thus associated with egr valve problem possibly? to those in the know.