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Georgia Vehicle tag renewal issue

I received this information after passing emissions and trying to renew my tag “This vehicle has unclaimed inventory.” does anyone know what this means? Car was purchased February 2019

Why are you asking here ? The message told you where to get your answer .


I live in GA. & have never heard of this unless it has something to do with emissions I live in a non emissions county the best advice is do as VOLVO said check with the tag office. Please let us know what you find out.

I’m guessing it means the DMV office is currently holding something they think you need, like license plates, stickers, etc.

Gov’t employees seem to have a really difficult time composing a sentence in simple English. I suppose the reason is b/c if it was clearly stated nobody would phone up asking what it means, and no reason for their job to exist. Reminds me of a gov’t publication about common fire hazards and the rules to prevent them. It said: “neatly stacked fire-wood is not a combustible material”.

I think that is a broad brush about government employees. I have dealt with many knowledgeable and helpful. Day before yesterday contacted MN Crow Wing County GIS, curious if East Twin and West twin had been connected at one time as a major highway is in the middle, and both lakes butt up to the right of way. She sent me a copy of a plat map from 1858 that showed them as 2 separate lakes. I have been in contact with WI DNR about lakes around Minocqua WI for lake info such as depth, clarity, potential for algae blooms etc. and found a guy I ended up talking to most helpful and he talked me through navigating the website to help me find the info I wanted, and I have his name and contact provided to me by him if I have any future questions. Last year our assessment for the cabins went up 67%. Talked with the assessor, he would look into it. Because the property ownership is divided it screwed up the new computer software, 2 weeks later he called, told me the story and fixed it. Got an apology. We have a city smartphone app to report potholes or issues, and 3 things I have submitted have been taken care of. Sorry you seem to have had such negative experiences, but as you can see my last year of contacts with government agencies has been professional, courteous knowledgeable and helpful. I am also involved in neighborhood watch, and get updates about goings on, And I can call him anytime about issues of concern, even the alderman last year, somebody zip tied buy your house sign to ever stop sign I could see. Called the alderman, he hates them also and had every sign removed within 3 days. I could go on, but think your brush is too broad.

Having had both parents with a combined total of almost 90 in gov’t service. And the actual events they could relay, I’d venture to say @George_San_Jose1 isn’t using a large enough brush.

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